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Round The Traps - 26th November 2021
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G'day Members,

The CGC AGM was held on Monday evening with a good roll up of members to hear all the goings on of the last Financial Year. The Annual Report is still available in hard copy from the office if you’d like to read about the Clubs most successful financial year on record. The CGC Board remains unchanged with President Peter Winfield, Treasurer Craig Harnett and Director Jane Johannsen returning to their previous roles. Thanks to all those that attended for taking an interest in your club.

We were expecting to receive some Industry updates last Thursday about the Qld Government double vaxxed scenario for clubs, pubs etc. We were advised that this information is expected to land this Friday. There is some information on different websites that appears to be a little premature, in particular about unvaxxed playing golf but not entering Clubhouses etc. One thing we’ve learnt over the past 18 months is to wait until the full details arrive as quite often the left hand doesn’t know what the right hand is doing in some Government departments. Hopefully we get some clarity soon around the subject.

Some fantastic news this week with our irrigation project fully underway with some big pipes going in the ground. Originally, our plan was to shut down a hole at a time and complete all works on the hole. As we are about to roll into the wet season, there is a slight change to the program with the contractors trying to get as much mainline in the ground as possible while it is still dry. Quite simply they can’t open trench with out wet, clay type soil. But when it does start to rain, the team will switch back to using the plough to install the smaller lateral lines and sprinklers. The softer ground will actually assist with the plough install method. Of course, if we get 300mm overnight, it might be a little tough for the crew. There will be impacts to play on a rolling basis and we’re all going to need to understand that some short-term pain will make way for massive long-term gains.

Coming up on Saturday the 4th of December is the Clubs Annual Members Xmas Party. Last years event was a cracker day and the team are putting together some more fun stuff for this time around. For more details, check out the advert further down in this RTT.

Director of Golf Anton Booy and the Shop Crew have got some cracking specials in the Golf Shop at the moment. Don’t forget we’re happy to price match (and often beat) if you see a better price elsewhere on the same item…. And when you shop here, your money stays here and helps build you a better golf club.

The big push is on for the new golf and POS software to hopefully be fully operational before Christmas. There is undoubtedly going to be some teething problems for both Members and Staff, as we’ll be learning a whole new system too. In principle, the functionality for members to book games etc will be same, but it will look a bit different. We will be holding information nights to assist members learn the new system and processes. Rest assured, we would not be undertaking this massive project if there wasn’t significant benefits to the Club and Members.

Hope to see you round the traps!
Matt Bolton
General Manager

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Ph 4037 6703
Mobile 0419 780 597
I am thrilled to announce that Aquaflow (NQ) has commenced the installation of the new irrigation pipework this week. After 4 years of planning and work behind the scenes, it is so satisfying to see this project coming to fruition. They have commenced work at the pump station and will be laying the first sections of pipe towards the north (the 3rd and 4th fairways). While the largest diameter mainline heads south across towards the 17th green, we have chosen to head towards 3 and 4 from a logistics standpoint. There is a significant amount of existing services located on the 1st and 9th fairways in particular, so we will try and avoid these until towards the end of the project. Once we get to this area, we will be in a position to abandon any existing irrigation infrastructure we strike, instead of needing to repair it.

As per my last Round the Traps, we will be focussing on installing the mainlines while it is still dry and then revert to using the plough to installing the lateral lines and sprinkler heads when it is wet. In a perfect world, it is ideal to finish each hole completely, prior to moving on, but we are keeping in mind the approaching wet season and need to accommodate for expected rainfall. While I am not naive enough to think we won’t receive any heavy falls, I am putting out for a “dryer than usual” wet season. I appreciate anyone who would like to join me in crossing their fingers for this to happen 😊

The greens and tees have recovered well from their respective renovations. The greens are, without doubt, in the healthiest condition I have seen them for this time of year during my tenure. Our previous years of hard work and agronomic programmes are continuing to pay dividends. Last week we carried out a light dust to fill any remaining blemishes from the spiking on the greens and this sand has now completely disappeared. The greens are smooth and rolling well.

We will be back cutting greens at 3mm as of this Thursday (down from their current 3.3mm at time of writing), which is unprecedently low for this time of year. We are only able to do this due to the green’s health at the moment. Typically, we go through the wet season at around the 3.5-3.75mm mark on greens, to provide a tiny bit more leaf for the plant to photosynthesise during the high humidity and low light months. While I am extremely comfortable with their condition and height at the moment, we will keep a close eye on them and raise the height if necessary. Once the rain comes, the number one goal is to maintain quality turf, as opposed to chasing green speed. Even at 3mm, please keep in mind that the greens will naturally slow down slightly in pace due to the increase in humidity, soil moisture and extra growth we experience through the wet season.

Most of the excavated and barricaded areas on course from last month are now filled in, with irrigation valves installed in each. This will make the installation of the new system as seamless as possible, with our team having the ability so simply isolate areas of the old system as we go and make them redundant. There is no doubt that we will hit some existing services that will require repairing, but with the preparation work we have done to date, I expect this will be kept to a minimum. We also have a good supply of spare parts on the shelf ready to go, so we can make any necessary repairs to damage existing pipework.

We continue our process of eradicating the carpet grass and are having some great success with this. We are constantly reviewing and tweaking our rates of herbicides applied, as well as spray intervals, to have the biggest impact on these weeds; all while trying not to damage the blue couch too much. We are focussing on several fairways at the moment, which include holes 6,7,10,11, 12, 15,16 and 18. The 11th fairway, while looking a little bare in places, has had nearly 80% of the total carpet grass removed and the blue couch continues to cover over day by day. Given that this fairway would

have been around 50% carpet grass and paspalum at the start of this year, this is a massive improvement.

Other tasks completed this month include; Applying a fertiliser and growth regulator to all our fairways, as well as tees and collars. Spraying broadleaf weeds around bunker edges. Spraying weeds within bunkers. Completing all the hand trim areas around tees, greens and lake edges. Yuka continues her work in the gardens and overall, I feel like the course is in great condition for this time of year.

Lastly this month, we have scheduled our trial bunker on the 16th for construction in January. Obviously, this is very weather dependent at this time of year, but we have it tentatively pencilled in. While we would have loved to have completed this project in 2021, with contractor availability and the irrigation project commencement, it was not a realistic option. By January, we will have a good handle on the irrigation project and should be able to fit this in nicely. If we get a good run with the weather and are able to complete this project, it will give us a good few months of the wet season to test it out. Fingers crossed.

I have included a few photos below of our old pump shed vs our new pump shed, as well as our new pipework being delivered.

Tim Hoskinson
Course Superintendent
Old pump set. 32kw and 22kw motors. No variable speed drives.
Huge power consumers. 100mm manifold

Our new pump set and filtration. 3x22kw variable speed drives, plus jockey pump. Very energy efficient. 250mm manifold enabling substantial flows

The first stage of pipework. The 280mm mainline exiting the pump shed

20m lengths of mainline pipe, 125 and 180mm in diameter

Two trucks with rolls of 63mm poly arriving on site

Some of the equipment being used by Aquaflow, including the much spoken
about plough on the left of the photo
The clubs new irrigation system is now underway. This will have some effects on the course set up as some holes will be out of play, shortened or a combination of both to allow the irrigation crew an uninterrupted run at the new system.

Currently the irrigation team are looking at working 6-7 days a week on the project. This means that the majority of competitions will be played over 17 with a possibility of 16 holes on a rare occasion. Players will be aware of course changes and hole closures in the golf shop before teeing off. If you are unsure please check with staff before heading out on course.

To allow for the hole closure when marking your competition scorecard please mark 2 points on the hole you are not playing. Example if you get 2 shots on a par 5 mark a 7 on score card to give you 2 Stableford points.

Thank you to everyone that competed in the 2 ball Ambrose challenge sponsored by the Balcony Boys. Saturday in particular felt like it had a great atmosphere with a completely booked tee sheet and one of the busiest days we have had at the club in recent months. Causing our Golf Software to malfunction due to the excess traffic on the website.

Thank you to Trevor Stevens and the rest of the Balcony Boys for a great week end. Next year we plan to make this a bigger and better event.
Next Saturday, the 4th of December we will be hosting our Annual Members Christmas Party. Once again we will have shotgun starts at 7:00am and 12:30pm. The event will be a 4BBB Stableford. There are still a number of spots remaining so grab a partner and get in quick to ensure you get a spot. Bookings can be made via the member portal on the website or by contacting the Golf Shop.

The day will have morning and afternoon field prizes, a mega raffle which includes the chance to win $500 cash, best dressed competitions and Christmas themed prizes.

Decembers Calanna Whole Health Monthly Medal will now be on the second Saturday of December (11th).

The final round of the mens pennants season takes place this Sunday at Babinda Golf Club and El Arish golf Club. Our boys will be playing against Gordonvale GC at El Arish. A and B grade have already secured spots in the semis, a win for C grade will guarantee a position otherwise they will be waiting on results from other matches.
Good luck to the guys playing this Sunday. For the players catching the bus it will be departing at 5:30am.

Just a reminder for members playing on Sundays, please be aware if you wish to play socially you must tee off the 10th tee. The 1st tee is reserved for competition play only in both morning and afternoon fields. However, members wishing to start their round on the 10th tee, you can still enter the daily competition.

Don’t forget the Black Friday sale is on today until Sunday. Stay tuned for this year’s Christmas specials coming out soon.

Golf Shop
100s Board:

#61 – Rick, Marcus, Tony & Mick
28th November
Pennants Round 9 @ El Arish

30th November
FNQVGA Christmas Breakup
7:30am shotgun start

2nd December
Women’s Christmas Party & Presentation Night

4th December
Members Christmas Party
7am & 12:30pm shotgun starts

5th December
Juniors Christmas Party

11th December
Calanna Whole Health Monthly Medal
11th December
Private Function in Clubhouse
Clubhouse closed from 4pm

11th December
Pennants Semi Final

12th December
Pennants Final

15th – 27th December
Weekly Sponsor
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