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Round The Traps - 7th March 2019
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G'day Members,

With the impending closure of Paradise Palms on Sunday March 31st, a cracking offer has been extended to Cairns & Half Moon Bay GC Members to play the course for a final time. CGC Members can play in a competition on Sunday March 24th for only $55 per player which includes the cart and comp fee. Get a group of friends together and book direct with Paradise Palms on 4059 9901 to give the course a last big hurrah. There will be an added element of CGC vs HMBGC so a good showing of CGC Members would be great.

The FNQGA (Men’s) Annual General Meeting is on this Sunday at the Atherton International Club. With only the President’s role filled, nominations will be called from the floor for all other roles which is not a very good indictment of golf in the region. Hopefully some hands go up at the meeting and the sport can move forward together.

We are holding a Sausage Sizzle fundraiser this Saturday with all proceeds going to Townsville Golf Club to try and assist in their recovery after the devastating floods. Of course the funds raised won’t make any kind of dent in the repair bill, but it will at least boost some spirits of our friends in Townsville.

Golf Australia this week launched new guidelines for the promotion of equal opportunity for women and girls in golf. It’s a very interesting document created in conjunction with the Australian Human Rights Commission to ensure Clubs are not exposed to potential litigation. The document will put significant pressure on some Clubs in the country to make some pretty big changes. Our Club is well down the road in this space, but there are still a few of the guidelines that we may need to address at Board level. CLICK HERE to read the document.

In February we saw 19 new Annual Members and 6 Juniors join Cairns Golf Club, even with all the terrible weather about. The same period last year saw only 6 new Members join. It all bodes well for another very positive period and shows we have a great facility to offer new players. Welcome to you all and we hope you enjoy your time at Cairns Golf Club.

It’s been fantastic to see such large fields on Saturday’s even though we’ve had the wettest summer for almost 40 years (according to the Cairns Post). And a huge tip of the cap to players making the extra effort to pick up the pace of play. As we’ve mentioned many times before, our goal is to get you around the course in 4 hours and 30 mins, which is very achievable and still allows players to enjoy their game without feeling rushed. 2 weeks ago with 200 players in the Saturday Stab comp the entire morning field was through in under 4 hours and 15 minutes, with one side of the field all completing their round in under 4 hours and 6 minutes! Pace of Play will really come into focus as we move into the cooler months with shorter days and larger fields. In time, we are expecting to see fields of up to 230 players on Saturdays after the closure of Paradise Palms and with better playing conditions, so there will be even more pressure for all players to do the right thing.

We’ve had security gates installed in the breezeway between the Men’s and Women’s locker rooms. Next week No Parking signs will also be installed on the back of the building, so please don’t park your car out there any longer. We have 2 perfectly useful carpark areas with plenty of spots.

For those of you that use the Driving Range, we have recently installed some new distance markers which look considerably better than the old tyre stacks. A big thanks to CGC Member Colin Harding and his business Cairns Car & 4WD Centre for their sponsorship to make this happen. The last of our Driving Range Nets will be installed on the 25th & 26th of March. It’s been an expensive process but Driving Range usage has been steadily on the increase and is certainly worth investing in.

Hope to see you Round the Traps!

Matt Bolton
General Manager

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Ph 4037 6703
Mobile 0419 780 597
On the 22nd February we hosted the first ever 4x4x4 fun competition @ the Cairns Golf Club.

We had a full field and the event was a success with lots of laughs, interesting choices of clubs and the uses of the mulligan. So good in fact we will be running another event on Friday 15th March. Tee off times are from 4.30pm where you play 4 holes, use 4 clubs only and you must take 4 mulligans. We will have happy hour and presentations at the conclusion of play. Bookings can be made online or by calling the golf shop on 40376777. Spots are limited so get in fast for a fun Friday afternoon at the Cairns Golf Club.
The Cairns Golf Club Pace of Play Policy (POPP) is now in place and has been developed for the betterment of the club and the enjoyment of your game (nobody likes a 5 hour game). We have allowed 4 weeks’ notice in December and 6 weeks grace in January/February. Penalties will now be given if it is found a group has breached the POPP. With increased members and player numbers in each competition, it is important your group makes a solid effort to play in an acceptable time and get to the tee on time. It only takes one group to slow down the entire competition field and I have heard every excuse under the sun as to why their group was slow (there are no excuses) but it is up to the lowest handicapper in the group to ensure the speed is acceptable and act as the captain. We have groups that have higher handicaps still completing the round in 4 hours and 10 minutes on a Saturday so it can be done if every group kept up to each other. I do understand it is warmer but all groups are playing the same course and conditions. Marshalls will be on course to keep an eye and ensure the speed is acceptable and the enjoyment of everyone’s game. Pace of Play not just at our club, but nationally is a problem and its one we are all looking to improve. I thank all groups that have being doing the right thing and making a conscious effort. Please familiarise yourself with the POPP document below to help fix this problem.
Thank you to Colin Harding from Cairns Car and 4WD centre for his sponsorship of the new driving range distance markers. They have certainly come up a treat and are built to last. We will have blocks placed on the grass to identify where the distances were measured from for the golfing purists who like to know exactly how far each shot went. Come down and check out the new distance markers for yourself. Please make sure you thank Colin next time you see him.

The 2018 CGC match play championships are now officially complete across all grades. I can confirm the following champions:

A Grade: Ross Argent
B Grade: Neil Hamilton
C Grade: Oni Vuniyaro

With the release of the new PING G410 range of drivers, fairway woods, hybrids and irons, the Cairns Golf Club will be hosting a fitting day on Thursday 18th April from 2.00 - 5.00pm. Come and get fitted by Lachlan Midson from PING for longer & straighter shots with the new range of product. Bookings limited so call 40376777 to reserve your time today!! The event is free of charge and no obligation.
The new 2019 Under Armour range has arrived. Under Armour have just launched the new season of shirts, shorts, belts, caps and shoes that come with a 2 year waterproof warranty. Come in store and check out this fantastic new range of product!!
The new R & A Rules books are available from the golf shop free of charge. There are a number of changes in the rules and it is up to you to learn them. Just ask on of our friendly Professionals if you do have any questions.

We have a heaps of new stock in the Cairns Golf Shop from many of the major companies like Callaway, Taylormade, PING, Titleist and Mizuno. All clubs are available for club fitting by one of our friendly and knowledgeable PGA Professionals so let us help improve your game utilizing flight scope technology. Demos are also available. Remember, we won’t be beaten on Price!!!
We still have teams yet to play their rounds of the 4 ball Summer Cup match play. Please arrange to play your games as soon as possible before the rains start to set in. The draw is located on the notice board at the end of the bar.


Titleist ’17 PRO V1 Dozen balls
Under Armour, Ping, Sporte Leisure


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100s Board:

22/02/2019 – Winning #17 – Neil, Milos, James & Adam
8th March
New Members Afternoon 5:30pm – 6:30pm

9th March
Townsville Golf Club Sausage Sizzle Fundraiser

15th March
4x4x4 Event – from 4:30pm

16th March
Come dressed in green for St Patrick’s weekend!

17th March
St Patrick’s Day Irish Fourball

19th March
RedEarth Energy Storage Seminar
12pm – 6:30pm in Clubhouse

21st March
Westpac Training Seminar
2pm – 6pm in Clubhouse

30th March
GNBC Fishing Trip Competition Draw

2nd April

5th April
Master Plumbers Golf Day
Please call golf shop for availability
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