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Round The Traps - 13th December 2018
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G'day Members,

Well, all the praying for rain has finally worked with a big deluge on Sunday / Monday this week, with the gurus expecting a fair bit more this weekend from Cyclone Owen. The course has turned instantly green plus it drained well enough to allow carts on the course for the Wednesday’s Sporters competition. The dams are all full again and the “run” that most of us have been enjoying, is rapidly disappearing.

We have a new Fairway Mower and Greens Mower arriving early next week. It’s another big investment of around $130K but clearly it’s our core business and we need to invest in these areas. Our Machinery replacement program is operating well with all purchases budgeted for in this period.

Those of you with a keen eye may have noticed another 5 nets went up on the Driving Range in recent weeks. The right had side of the range is now all but complete except the final panel at the 250m mark. We are planning on finishing the rest of the nets in the New Year, once the weather settles down and before the commencement of tournament season. Again, thanks the All Sporters Club for their initial purchase of the bulk netting that CGC has then funded to create and install the individual panels.

For those of you that don’t mind a punt on the Pokies, we’ve had 2 new multi game machines installed. Poker Machines aren’t a major part of the Club revenue streams, but they certainly pay their own way and we do try to update machines when possible.

This coming Monday 17th of December (same day as the AGM) will see a changeover in our Draught Beers available on tap. For the past 5 years the Club has been 100% aligned with Lion (XXXX) and only been permitted to sell Lion products on tap. After some heavy negotiations over a period of 2 - 3 months, we have made a Commercial Business decision to align with CUB. This will now enable us to sell the very popular Great Northern products (Crisp and Original) as well as have the flexibility to trial beverages from other suppliers. Don’t fear we will still be selling XXXX Gold on tap! The full line up (once the current stocks run out) will be Great Northern Crisp, Great Northern Original, Cascade Light, Stella Artois, Wild Yak Pacific Ale, XXXX Gold, Peroni and we’re trialling something a little different in Canadian Club and Dry on tap. I realise that this is going to impact on some members first choice beer but the Club is commercially better off with this new arrangement. In time, there will also be some changes around the Happy Hour structure and pricing, but this has not yet been finalised.

The Club AGM is on this Monday evening at 5:30pm for a 5:45pm start. We are offering free nibbles and beverages to try an entice people to come attend. Our great supporter in Dan Carmody from Bank of Queensland is shouting the bar and it’s a great chance for you to try our new Beer range. All positions are filled so there is no concern that if you attend, you’ll be asked to put your hand up for a job. And just to squash some silly ”bar talk” rumours, the AGM was moved to Monday night to try and entice more people to attend, as we have typically struggled to get a quorum for the last few meetings held on Sunday Mornings. Hopefully this Monday we won’t need to drag members off the Driving range again, to make the quorum.

This will be our last newsletter before the Christmas and New Year period with the next RTT to come on the 16th of January 2019. With that in mind, on behalf of all the Staff and Board Members of Cairns Golf Club, I’d like to wish you all a safe and happy Christmas and New Year.

Please see below for the operating hours of each part of our operation over the break.


Monday 24/12 – 6:00am – 7:00pm
Tuesday 25/12 – CLOSED
Wednesday 26/12 – 6:30am – 7:00pm
Thursday 27/12 – 6:30am – 8:00pm
Friday 28/12 – 6:30am – 8:00pm
Saturday 29/12 – 6:00am – 8:00pm
Sunday 30/12 – 6:00am – 7:00pm
Monday 31/1 – 6:30am – 7:00pm
Tuesday 1/1 – 7:00am – 7:00pm


Monday 24/12 – 10:00am
Tuesday 25/12 - CLOSED
Wednesday 26/12 – 7:00am
Thursday 27/12 – 8:30am
Friday 28/12 – 8:30am
Saturday 29/12 – 6:00am
Sunday 30/12 – 7:00am
Monday 31/1 – 10:00am
Tuesday 1/1 – 10:00am

Closing times for the Clubhouse will vary and are weather & player number dependent.

Please remember beverages can be purchased from the Golf Shop.

Locker rooms will still be accessible – please see the Golf Shop if these are closed.


Monday 24/12 – 9am – 1pm
Tuesday 25/12 - CLOSED
Wednesday 26/12 – CLOSED
Thursday 27/12 – 9am – 1pm
Friday 28/12 – 9am – 1pm
Saturday 29/12 – Closed
Sunday 30/12 – Closed
Monday 31/1 – 9am – 1pm
Tuesday 1/1 – CLOSED
Wednesday 2nd Jan Friday Jan 4th - 9am – 1pm

Hope to see you Round the Traps!

Matt Bolton
General Manager

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Ph 4037 6703
Mobile 0419 780 597
Well, it seems that the drought has been broken. After months of dry weather, we received over 300mm of rain last weekend. While it definitely trashed the course, with debris everywhere, puddles we haven’t seen for a long time and bunkers filled to the brim, at least it means we won’t have to water fairways for a while. Our team has been extremely busy the last couple of days pumping out bunkers, cleaning up debris and mowing what we can. I hope that by the time you reading this the course will be back in some kind of reasonable order. There is however, more rain forecast from Cyclone Owen up in the Gulf, so we will wait and see what that brings.

With the rain received and more likely on the way, it will be all hands on deck to keep the course mown in the lead up to Christmas. With our present work schedule, as well as one team member on holidays and one recently leaving the club, we are currently down to five on our team. This has left us at a stretch to keep the course in the order we like to present it. With this in mind, I would like to thank the volunteers that have helped us out this year on course – Gary Werder, Colin Johannsen and John Tolhurst. All your inputs really help with us continuing to raise the standards. Thank you very much!

In early 2019, I aim to develop a formal program for any club members that wish to assist with small jobs on the course. I know some of you have mentioned this to me previously, and as a small club with a small team of staff, any help we receive can make a huge difference. We are able to provide a simple induction, necessary training and any personal protective equipment you require. These jobs will be simple and relatively non-strenuous and tailored to suit the individual. As a guide, some tasks that would be involved are;
  • Picking/dabbing weeds in greens
  • Topping up course sand bins
  • Emptying rubbish bins
  • Divoting and leveling tees
  • Whipper snipping
  • Mulching

Of course, if you have a skill that I have not listed above that you feel would be of benefit to the club, I am more than happy to discuss this with you. Over time, training on mowers and other machinery may also be possible. If you have any questions at all, or would like to discuss the possibility of volunteering, please contact myself on 0466 574 993. I thank you in advance for your consideration and I know it will assist the club in making great progress going forward. I will try to make any arrangements as flexible as possible, whilst keeping in mind the clubs obligation to safety.

Our new pin system (front, middle, back) will commence its trial from next Wednesday the 19th of December. The pins colours will be red, white and yellow respectively. As mentioned previously, this will allow us greater flexibility to avoid the foreign grass and select the most appropriate pin position for the day. We will trial this for the next few months and make a decision on how this works for both members and guests.

This will be my last newsletter for the year. I’d like to wish everyone a fantastic holiday period and would like to thank you for your support and positive feedback throughout the year. I feel like we have come a long way this year and hope that 2019 can be even better.

Until 2019,

Tim Hoskinson
Course Superintendent

The Cairns Golf Club held the Westco Volkswagen Scramble on Sunday 9th December in wet and windy conditions. I must say well done to the 76 players who braved the wet weather and played in the fun event. The top 5 teams were within ½ a shot of each other in a very close contest. The winning group of Robert Souter, Matthew Hughes, John Dillon and Jason Titlow have now qualified for the regional finals to be played on April 7th.

1st J Titlow, R Soutar, J Dillon, M Hughes 59 1/2
4 x Odyssey Putters
2nd B Short, D Timms, J Connerz, S Roberts 59 1/2 4 x Callaway Umbrellas
3rd C Keily, D Dlamini, R Baldwin, L Corder 59 5/8 4 x Callaway Caps
Lucky Draw C Keily, D Dlamini, R Baldwin, L Corder - 4 x Polo Shirts

5 S Schroter 346 6 x Chrome softs balls
8 D Hannam 10 6 x Chrome softs balls
11 D Ardley 98 6 x Chrome softs balls
17 S Toia 250 6 x Chrome softs balls

5 J Walker 1350 6 x Chrome softs balls
8 J O'Leary 1220 6 x Chrome softs balls
11 E Golightly 900 6 x Chrome softs balls
17 E Golightly 790 6 x Chrome softs balls

The Cairns Golf Club Pace of Play Policy (POPP) has been developed for the betterment of the club and the enjoyment of your game (nobody likes a 5 hour game). With increased members and player numbers in each competition, it is important your group makes a solid effort to play in an acceptable time. It only takes one group to slow down the entire competition field and I have heard every excuse under the sun as to why their group was slow (there are no excuses) but it is up to the lowest handicapper in the group to ensure the speed is acceptable. Please familiarise yourself with the POPP document below to help fix this problem. This will come into effect from
January 1st 2019.
The new R & A Rules books are now available from the golf shop free of charge. Please remember these don’t come into effect until January 1st 2019. There are a number of changes in the rules and it is up to you to learn them. Just ask on of our friendly Professionals if you do have any questions.

Good luck to Cairns Golf Club junior members Annabelle Hutchings, Saxonn Capilos, Tom Whittle and Angel Pizzichemi who this week are participating in the Greg Norman Junior Masters on the Gold Coast. The Greg Norman Junior Masters is an invite only event and attracts junior players from all around Australia. Play well and I’m sure you will do the golf club proud.

The Cairns Golf Club match play champs are almost completed for 2018. It has seen very tight contests in all Grades. In A Grade, Phil Henricks plays Ross Argent in the final. Neil Hamilton is the B Grade match play champion after defeating Michael Peters 2&1 and Oni Vuniyaro is the C Grade 2018 club champion and match play champion after defeating Gordon Massey 2&1. Well done guys on a fantastic achievement.

We still have teams yet to play their rounds of the 4 ball Summer Cup match play. Please arrange to play your games as soon as possible before the rains start to set in. The draw is located on the notice board at the end of the bar.


The Cairns Golf Club juniors held the Christmas Party last Sunday on the driving range. Unfortunately the weather didn’t allow them on course but we all still had a fun day. We had a massive waterslide and baby crocodiles, snakes, sugar gliders for the kids to play around with a learn more about them. Currently we have over 70 children actively participating in the CGC MyGolf junior program each week and I thank the members for their support and understanding as they are the future of the golf club. We look forward to a bigger and better program in 2019 with the aim of more 3,6,9 hole competition rounds each week.

It seems to be a common practice of members booking on the 1st tee and not on the 10th tee (Wednesday and Saturday). We have had instances where the 1st tee is completely full and the 10th tee has been only half booked. In this case all players that teed off from the 1st tee will have a slower round than the groups teeing off from the 10th tee at the same time due to congestion. Please be mindful of this help us even out the groups. The Golf Professionals whom act as the competition starters have the right to move groups over to the 10th tee (weather this is preferred or not) to equalise the field and allow an acceptable pace of play and enjoyment of the game for all.

Merry Christmas from the staff of the Golf Shop and may you have an ever better 2019. Thank you for your continued support!!!



Anyone that has spare old drivers at home they no longer need/want and are happy to donate them to the Golf Club. These drivers will be used for the guests coming to use the driving range facilities. Any generosity will be greatly appreciated. Please drop into the golf shop if this is you.
Jason Roach
Director of Golf
How to Survive the Festive Season

Some top tips for managing your whole health this Christmas...

1. Drink plenty of water, in this heat, prior to and between alcoholic drinks, always finish your night on 2 large glasses of water to help re-hydrate your body. This helps to balance the emotions and energy levels.

2. Eating makes a big difference to how the body and mind works. Eat a balanced meal which includes proteins, nuts, seeds or slow release carbohydrates like vegetables and beans.

3. Take a strong multi vitamin/mineral supplement that contains at least 50 mg of Vitamin B6. Vitamin C helps to metabolize alcohol and reduces harmful effects to the liver, try 500 mg of slow release vitamin C. Remember not to drink coffee at least 2 hours after taking a Vitamin supplement as their full benefit reduces during this time.

4. If the festive season gives you the blues, ask for help. If symptoms are relatively new and you are not taking any medication talk to your local GP and pharmacist about traditional and natural ways to tackle the blues.

Christmas blessings from our family to yours and remember we are open late 7 days.
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06/12/2018 – Winning #36 – Bill, Keith, Kojak & Cyril
12th – 18th December
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17th December
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