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Hole 1

307 metres, par 4

Short par 4 opening hole with a wide fairway, but beware the bunker on the left. It is best to leave yourself with a pitch into a green that slopes away and is guarded by bunkers on either side.

Hole 2

327 metres, par 4

Dogleg left par 4. Hit it over the cart path on to the inviting fairway on the right and leave yourself a wedge or short iron into the green. Don’t get too greedy off the tee or you could be in amongst the royal palms on the left.

Hole 3

350 metres, par 4

Miss the fairway trap on the left-hand side and you will leave yourself 100 metres in to a green that is guarded on both sides by sand traps. Admire the paperbarks on the right but to go through them is out of bounds.

Hole 4

386 metres, par 4

Dogleg right par 4. Avoid the fairway trap to your left-hand side and you will probably be left with a mid to long-iron into the prevailing south-easterly wind.

Hole 5

210 metres, par 3

There is a narrow opening to get on to the green between two bunkers, so club selection is vital. The green itself is large and you could be left with quite a long putt depending on the pin position.

Hole 6

471 metres, par 5

Tree trouble awaits down the left of this slight dogleg hole, so make sure you are aligned to the centre of the fairway. Around the green complex you have three well-placed bunkers. Generally it is better to lay up and play this hole as a three-shotter.

Hole 7

379 metres, par 4

Testing par 4 dogleg right. You need to hit a long drive down the left-hand side to get a shot at the green. Don’t go right, or the trees will wreck your chance of par. Water left of the green should not come into play unless you are very wayward.

Hole 8

145 metres, par 3

Short par 3, but make sure you connect sweetly with your tee shot as there is water left and in front of the green. It’s a big and inviting green to hit.

Hole 9

364 metres, par 4

Hit it as far as you can, stay right of the fairway bunker on the left, leaving an approach to a very tricky green that has a narrow entrance and is well guarded by bunkers and flanked by two large gum trees.

Hole 10

367 metres, par 4

Beware the two fairway traps down the right at about 230-250 metres on top of the ridge; they catch out many. The big green is an inviting target so aim for the centre and avoid bringing the two large bunkers on the left into play.

Hole 11

158 metres, par 3

Our signature hole, and an intimidating one at that as all you see from the tee is water, water everywhere and a tiny green in the distance. You must carry it all the way or your ball will find a watery grave. There is no joy to be had over the back either; just hit the green.

Hole 12

487 metres, par 5

Play this dogleg hole as a three-shotter, as a pond comes into play for those looking to get on in two. The green is a very small target with two big bunkers left and right, so the shorter club you have for your approach the better.

Hole 13

482 metres, par 5

Sweeping dogleg left that plays back into the prevailing breeze and is another genuine three-shotter to reach the green. Don’t hit the ball left as there is a hazard all the way down the left-hand side.

Hole 14

328 metres, par 4

Dogleg left par four. The safe play is to set up at the top of the rise with a long-iron or fairway wood off the tee leaving a mid-iron into an elevated green that has two bunkers to the right and jeopardy back and left.

Hole 15

404 metres, par 4

Hit it down the left side of the fairway avoiding the woodland and leave a straightforward approach shot into one of the friendliest greens on the course with few dangers in store should you avoid the bunkers.

Hole 16

355 metres, par 4

Be careful here of the big lake at about the 200-metre mark running down the right-hand side. A good drive is imperative as the fairway narrows quite considerably the further you go. Hitting into the breeze to a large elevated green, consider taking one more club. There is a little pot bunker on the left-hand side that should be avoided at all costs.

Hole 17

172 metres, par 3

The longest green on the golf course slopes front and back and offers numerous pin positions. It can play anything from an 8 iron to a 3 wood depending on the wind. Club selection is crucial here to avoid the possibility of that dreaded three-putt.

Hole 18

467 metres, par 5

Par 5 closing hole can be reached in two and a birdie opportunity awaits if you can keep your ball in play. There is out of bounds all around the sloping back of the green so make sure not to go long with your approach.