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In late July and early August each year we host the City of Cairns Amateur Golf Week which provides the perfect showcase for our club and attracts golfers from all over the state and beyond.

City of Cairns Amateur Golf Week began all the way back in 1965 as a professional event known as the City of Cairns Open. However after 1974 it became an amateur event which in its early years was noted as one of the best such tournaments in Queensland.

To keep up with changing tastes and listening to the needs of golfers, the formats have been revised and honed over time, giving an opportunity for male and female players of all abilities to enjoy competitive golf at its finest.

Details of the event are publicised well in advance and are published on our website, where you will also find an entry form. All players must produce a valid Golf Australia handicap card to be eligible to play.

Formats may vary from year to year, formats may be tweaked from year to year, but generally the first Sunday sees a 4BBB Mixed Stableford, the Monday and Tuesday a 36-hole Women’s Classic tournament and on the Wednesday an 18-hole team event for men. The week rounds off with a 54-hole Classic tournament for men over three days.

The final day’s play of the two individual tournaments sees a seeded draw for the top eight in each grade after 36 holes for men and 18 holes for women.


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