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2021 12 juniors 01Saturday Minis

This is our entry level program introducing 4-14 year olds to golf at an early stage. This program is open to all children without any commitment to a set time frame. This means that parents or carers can bring their children along on any given Saturday without any stress of missing a session.

This program runs each Saturday (outside Cairns Golf Club major events i.e. club championships) morning from 9:00am -10:00am during school term.

This program is delivered by our PGA professionals and coordinators who train children to become respectul, well behaved team members and young athletes all within a fun golfing backdrop.

We play hybrid golf/tennis, golf/baseball, golf/cricket games with a warm up including running, skipping, throwing, catching, balance drills, and general coordination training.

Saturday Minis will have intermitent tournaments which are skills based ac vi es for the super minis (under 8's) and a play based challenge for the minis (over 8's).

Saturday minis has an Order of Merit System, where in children accumulate points each week they par cipate and are awarded “spirit of the game” points for acts of kindness towards fellow compe tors, acts of good e quete and compe on placing i.e. 1st 2nd 3rd. Order of Merit Points accumulate towards trophies at the end of year presenta ons.

As with all junior programs at the Cairns Golf Club our objec ve and intent with minis is to train (at a young age) young junior golfers to become good role models for future junior golfers. We therefore train juniors in a fun and safe environment and reward children who show these good quali es at a prac cal level. This gives them a great start into the game and sets them up with skills that will make them important members of the Cairns Golf Club and the golfing community as a whole.

2021 12 juniors 02MyGolf Junior Program

The next pathway for juniors progression is Australia's na onally recognised junior golf program which is conducted through the week during school term.

The focus of these groups (3 holers, 6 holers and 9 holers) is to take what they have learned through the fun ac ve based Saturday minis and to further their development in actually playing the game both socially and compe vely. With more focus on the technical parts of the game, these programs are ul mately preparing juniors for on course play. Sub-Junior and Junior memberships are available and required for juniors to play on the course. All Cairns Golf Club Sub-junior and Junior members are encouraged to strive for an internal club handicap which is done through the weekly Saturday afternoon nine and three holes on course challenge.

These Saturday events (tee mes from approximately 4pm) are an add on to the midweek training and are a crucial link to crea ng a pathway for juniors to strive for more ac vity in the game such as becoming members and playing in regular club compe ons through to club representa on, regional representation, state and national representation.

Experienced 9 hole juniors may be able to play on their own with other juniors and the less experienced juniors will need a parent or carer to go with them as a caddy to ensure they are complying with speed of play, rules and etiquette.

Elite Squad

The final pathway for our juniors who have developed to a level that includes having a Golf Australia Handicap and are regularly playing in club compe ons, club representative pennant teams, and are aiming at competing at a regional and state level.

This high performance program aims to prepare juniors for what will be needed to compete at a high amateur and ul mately professional level. Elite squad juniors will be exposed to world class technology “TrackMan” and will be required to make a commitment to the Cairns Golf Club Elite squad team by developing and maintaining key performance indicators, commiting to a strength and condi oning program and nutrition as well as development in golf psychology, goal se ng and periodised training.

Elite squad training will be conducted on Wednesday afternoons and will be complimented by two and three day training camps during school holidays.

2021 12 juniors 03School Holiday Clinics

Offered during each school holiday period our school holiday programs are a two day camp from 9:00-3:00 each day and include a morning/a􀀃ernoon tea and lunch.

Juniors will enjoy the fun format of warming up, playing fun based golf games, pu ng, driving, chipping compe ons and of course some on course me to test their skills. Some great friendships are made during these clinics.

Becoming a Junior Member

It is a requirement for all juniors par cipa ng in our junior golf programs to be a member of the Cairns Golf Club before they can par cipate on the main course. Two categories of membership are available to our juniors and reflect where a junior member is at in their golfing journey. Both membership categories are subject to the following:

  • No waiting or commitee approval
  • No nomination required
  • No application fee

Application forms can be obtained from and returned to the Club’s reception desk.

Parents and carers do not need to be members of the club to accompany their children onto the course to supervise and are encouraged to do so once their children have obtained a membership. For parents and carers who are not familiar with golf rules and etiquette please discuss this with one of our Golf Professionals who will be happy to provide you with some guidance and ps to ensure your junior golfer enjoys their me on the course.

Membership Categories

Sub Junior Membership

  • Sub Junior Membership applies to beginner/intermediate Under 18 year old golfers who are not yet ready to gain Golf Australia 18 Hole Handicap for competion play
  • Unlimited Free Social Golf available 7 days per week (Subject to major events and compe on play)
  • Membership card for Discount rates Driving Range Balls, Beverages and Golf Shop purchases
  • Enables a 3, 6 or 9 hole Handicap to be utilised for use in Junior Compe on events
  • Insurance against injury to yourself and other golfers
  • Ability to upgrade to Junior Membership to gain a Golf Australia Handicap (18 Hole) when player ability permits


Junior Membership

  • Junior Membership applies to players aged less than 18 years old at the date of joining who wish to hold an official Golf Australia Handicap
  • Right of passage to play during the peak periods
  • Free Social Golf available 7 days per week (Subject to major events)
  • Discount Members Guest green fee rates
  • Online compe on tee mes bookings and results
  • Online view of your House Account Balance
  • Membership card for Discount rates on Motorised Cart Hire, Driving Range Balls and Beverages
  • Member House/Prize Account for use in Golf Shop, Clubhouse and Driving Range via Membership swipe card
  • Scorecard Scanner in use for compe on play
  • Official Golf Australia Handicap maintained daily
  • Insurance against injury to yourself and other golfers